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General rental conditions

1  validity

1. For all business relationships with IT-Event ITE GmbH, in which we undertake to temporarily transfer goods to third parties (customers), in particular rent, the following rental terms and conditions (AVB) apply.

2. Agreements that change the AVB must be in writing.

3. The business relationships are based solely on our AVB. Other conditions are not recognized.

2   conclusion of contract

1. Our offers are non-binding unless expressly stated otherwise.

2. Orders require written confirmation.

3. The following applies to trade fairs: the order must be received no later than 21 days before the start of the trade fair.

4. Subject to technical changes or errors

3  Delivery and returns

1. Unless otherwise agreed, the equipment is collected and returned at the lessor's business premises during business hours.

2. If delivery and collection are agreed, this is always at the customer's expense and risk.

3. The packaging and dispatch is at the discretion of IT-Event.

4. The rental objects, including accessories, are to be returned in perfect condition by the agreed date (day and time). If the agreed date is not met, the rental period is considered to be extended with costs. In addition, the lessee is liable for damages. When the rental objects are returned, any imperfect condition must be reported in writing.

4  terms of payment

1. The agreed prices apply.

2. The first and the last day each count as a whole day and must therefore be paid for in full.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, the rental fees are to be paid in advance, but for a maximum of one month, either by bank transfer to one of our accounts, by check or in cash.

4. If the rental period exceeds one month, the rental fee is to be paid in advance for the next month.

5. If the order is canceled before the start of the rental period, 25% of the agreed rental price must be paid. Will the order less than 3 days canceled before the start of the rental period 50% of the rental price be invoiced.

6. The following applies to trade fairs: by bank transfer or crossed check 14 days before the start of the trade fair.  

5   care of the devices

1. The goods are delivered by the Lessor in perfect condition, but not necessarily in new condition.

2. The customer must treat the goods with care.

3. The devices must not be opened or the protective seal must not be broken.

4. Breaking the seal will result in a chargeable inspection (to the value of EURO 100) by the lessor's technical service.

6   Warranty and Compensation

1. The goods are rented as seen.

2. Initial or subsequent hidden defects only oblige the landlord to pay damages if they were caused by his culpability.

3. In the event of intervention or modification of the goods by the customer, the warranty rights expire if the lessor's substantiated assertion that the defect was caused by the intervention or modification is not contradicted accordingly. Necessary repairs are at the expense of the tenant.

4. If the goods are defective, the Lessor has the right to subsequent delivery or repair.

5. If the customer sends the goods to the lessor for the purpose of subsequent delivery or repair, he must bear the shipping costs. If the request is justified, the landlord will replace them.

6. The lessor will not reimburse the shipping costs incurred by bringing the goods to a place other than the place of performance.

7. If subsequent delivery or rectification fails, the customer can withdraw from the contract or reduce the price.

8. Claims for damages against the lessor due to delay, impossibility, poor performance, breach of secondary contractual obligations and tortious acts only exist in the case of slight negligence with regard to the foreseeable damage.

9. Insofar as the lessor violates secondary obligations that are not essential for the execution of the contract, he is not liable for negligence. This also applies to the corresponding liability from tortious acts.

10. If the customer makes himself liable for damages, he must pay 15% of the agreed price as damages. The customer's right to prove greater damage is retained, as is the customer's right to prove less damage.

7  Extraordinary termination

1. The landlord is entitled to terminate the contract without notice for good cause.

2. An important reason exists in particular if the customer:

I. Has provided inaccurate or incomplete information about his or her creditworthiness, or

II. Has violated the provision of clause 6.

3. Other legal reasons for termination remain in effect.

4. We reserve the right to assert additional claims for damages.

8th  place of jurisdiction

1. IT Event ITE GmbH: The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

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