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We provide you with a high-speed Internet connection tailored to the needs of your event. Conferences, congresses, trade fairs and other major events. Our technology can cope with a larger onslaught and with our cooperation partner we can even provide Internet access where it is not otherwise available. In places without a DSL connection, we can provide you with LTE cards in various sizes (1-500GB or unlimited) immediately and without any problems.​ Would you like to bundle LTE cards with a landline connection or expand an existing network? No problem for us! Just give us a call or send us an email to

We have put together inexpensive combination packages for you below, with which you can get started straight away.
All prices are stated net (plus statutory VAT) and include assembly and installation.



+100 GB

+250 GB





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  • Remote maintenance & administration

  • delivery  and installation  for complete coverage

  • Building a VPN

  • On request we configure different user groups for different zones and security areas

Wir vermitteln Ihnen einen auf die Bedürfnisse Ihres Events ausgerichteten High-Speed Internet-anschluß. Dort wo verfügbar, stellen wir Ihnen VDSL-Technik mit fester IP-Adresse zur Verfügung. 
Sollte an Ihrem Veranstaltungsort kein DSL verfügbar sein (z.B. Veranstaltungen auf der Grünen Wiese) stellen wir die Internetverbindung per LTE-Funkmodems her.


Unser Eventanschluß ist die perfekte Basis für unsere Hotspot Säule und unser Konferenz-WLAN. Auch unser Internetcafé läßt sich darüber realisieren.


You want our solution?

We're not curious, but...

the more precisely we know your project, the more precisely we can help you!


Period of rental*

Enter the location where the router will be installed. This is important in order to be able to make you a location-optimized offer.

Enter your project here. Our team of experts will be able to advise you better! If known, you can also enter the desired data volume/bandwidth of the connection here, otherwise we will estimate it.

Thanks very much! We will contact you as soon as possible.

  • How much data volume does a video stream use?
    Streaming video in 480p for an hour uses about 450MB of data, or 0.45GB. When streaming in full HD quality (1080p), consumption is almost quadrupled. An hour of full HD streaming uses 1.68 GB. To be sure that the data volume is sufficient, we therefore recommend booking a larger card.
  • Is LTE available at my venue?
    You can see whether LTE is available at your event location in the current provider maps for network coverage: Telekom Vodafone Check your network coverage
  • Which router is right for me?
    Choosing the right router depends on various factors, such as B. the number of users, the desired download rate or mobility. Below - a clear comparison of our routers: For detailed advice, we will be happy to assist you by telephone and e-mail, or simply fill out the form above. We will get back to you shortly with suitable offers!
  • What affects fast Internet access?


You have further questions,  special requirement, or major projects?

We are happy to help.

030-810 99 521

Internet, ob für kleine Events, oder riesige Großveranstaltungen.

Unser Team liefert und installiert die benötigte Hardware und sorgt für die lückenlose Abdeckung der gewünschten Objekte oder Areale, egal welcher Größe, entsprechend Ihren Anforderungen - egal wie großflächig! Auf Wunsch erstellen wir auch individuelle Einstiegsseiten für Ihr Event. Ebenso, wie verschiedene Benutzergruppen für verschiedene Zonen und Sicherheitsbereiche.


From 10 to 1000+ users

How many people are expected?

bis 40 Personen

Any accessories?

Questions, suggestions, requests?

Write us!

Thank you for your message!

We will process your request as quickly as possible and then get back to you.

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