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Noble design, high quality through many years of experience and constant further development. For moderation, presentations and workshops. These whiteboards are suitable for training, conferences and lectures. They are magnetic on both sides , can be written on with board markers and can be wiped dry. For mobile use: space-saving and quick to assemble. We offer to match  whiteboard marker  and more  Accesories  at.
All prices are stated net (plus statutory VAT) and include the assembly of the boards.
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Perfect boards need perfect pens.

whiteboard marker

These whiteboard markers from Monami were specially manufactured with the highest quality in mind. The wedge tips neither scratch your boards nor do they smell unpleasant or noticeable in the meeting. Unlike competing products, the ink remains in a unique consistency after drying, which makes wiping extremely easy and pleasant, and does not smudge.

  Special features of these pens:

  • Low-odour, alcohol-based ink

  • Softer chisel tip - line widths of 1.5-5.0mm

  • Level can be read at any time

  • Intense colors

  • Ideal for whiteboards and flipchart paper

  • Writes on almost any surface

  • When dry, it can be removed like a film

You can also find suitable individual accessories in our online shop:


Presentation of numerous posters

Whiteboard Session bei IT Event

At a congress, several exhibitors want to present their projects to a large audience. They have lots of posters, info material and more.


Our boards are not only elegant and stable, no. They can also be connected to form large, flat presentation walls. It offers you the opportunity to create huge contiguous areas. Since our metaplan boards, in contrast to conventional exhibition walls, have stable feet, the surface is absolutely flat and does not cast any shadows on the posters. 

On request, the Metaplan boards can also be combined with colored and printable covers (fire protection class B1). They are perfect as a decorative tool to make the walls look perfect for any occasion. Upon delivery, our staff will set it up and take it down for you. Thanks to our large rental stock, we can also equip large exhibitions up to complete trade fairs. ​


Individual arrangement

Our high-quality XL whiteboards can be arranged according to your wishes. This enables the creation of individual space. The 'Annedore II' whiteboards can be used on both sides and can be linked both vertically and horizontally. This allows them to be connected to form stable, simple partitions - to form triangles, squares or crosses.


We would be happy to print your posters in the highest quality. Furthermore, we offer you personal audio systems with wireless microphones, for example to present individual posters or to interview exhibitors. Would you like to record the sound of your event or broadcast it live? Our press audio distribution list can help!​

Whiteboard Raumtrenner bei IT Event

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