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Conferences, workshops and seminars  not only need presentation boards, but also suitable accessories. In order to optimize the use of our pin boards, whiteboards and flipcharts, we offer you the right material in moderation cases. These include various moderation cards in different sizes and shapes, suitable pens, pins or magnets, scissors, glue and much more.

On request, we will fill your suitcase individually and as required.
All prices are stated net (plus statutory VAT).


for your conference

  • In a seminar, a group wants to discuss or work on a topic together with a moderator. Appropriate material for the whiteboards and pin boards is required in order to present the path and the result visually for all participants.
  • So that you do not have to plan any additional time for the preparation of your seminar, we offer you the appropriate moderation accessories, such as moderation cards in many colors and shapes, pens, magnets, pushpins and much more. Do not hesitate to tell us your wishes. We would be happy to provide you with an individual range.


a small

Monami Whiteboardmarker bei IT Event

The special thing about whiteboard markers in general is first of all the most obvious. They allow the user to make the written word disappear again. No chalk dust, no residue - complete! One would think so... But with most manufacturers (especially with the big players), the plastic tip of the marker prevents the whiteboard from being completely wiped off.

pen tip
You probably know the familiar squeak of a whiteboard marker on the board. Often this phenomenon occurs with brand markers. But here it is similar to motorsport - the louder is not the better.
This concise tone is triggered by the hard fiber ends of the tip gripping the whiteboard and scratching the surface as they move. The paint is now pressed into these tiny injuries on the surface, from which it is more difficult to wipe it out again. If a metaplan board is written on more often, you can see how the board changes color and can no longer be completely wiped clean. 

The solution to this lies in quality! For example, the Korean brand "monami" offers its whiteboard markers with pressed  tips on. They allow the pen to glide over the smooth surface and neither scratch nor squeak. Your whiteboard can be used for longer and you won't be disturbed by shrill tones during your conference. 

color tincture

The heart of every pen! It is a mixture based on organic solvents, resins and pigments. Depending on the composition, it flows better, dries faster, is more permanent, or is clearer to wipe away. A tightrope walk that especially "monami" masters with their pens. Your color looks deeper, doesn't run and dries in seconds. It doesn't bother you with an unpleasant acrid smell and can be wiped off like powder after the paint has dried. A highlight not to be missed! Thus, the color does not smear; greasy fingers are a thing of the past.  

important characteristics

Here are the most striking features, which is why we as an IT event are pleased to be able to offer you this high-quality product from our partner.  

  1. Use of color to the last drop

  2. never empty whiteboard markers, thanks to the ability to read the fill level

  3. low-odour, alcohol-based ink

  4. writes on almost any surface

  5. Dry removable like a film

  6. fast drying

  7. scratch-free chisel tip

It may seem irrelevant - it's "just" a whiteboard marker, after all. But only the details make an experience great! Here you can find out briefly and concisely why it is important to pay attention to the texture of the pen tip, or why the color tincture differs from some manufacturers.
Let me tell you: it makes an enormous qualitative difference and is very important to our CEO!
Frischepack von IT Event

Our "fresh packs" contain four different colors and are freshly packed by us. Matching this, we offer you 'the fat ones' moderation cards for sale on our shop page.

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